Maserati 5000 GT


Maurice Khawam

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Photos by David Gooley

The design and development history of the Maserati 5000 GT has been traced and presented to eliminate the confusion that existed about this model. Both 450 S and Tipo 151 racing cars that shared engines with the 5000 GT are discussed and their competition results given.

All the information pertinent to the 34 cars has been logically grouped along with the list of their first owners. Additionally, the present owners of these prestigious machines give their impressions of the model and how they became involved with the world’s first Super Car.

A chapter is dedicated to the design analysis of Mr. Tom Tjaarda that sheds more light on the eight designs executed for this automobile by the famous Italian carrozzieri.

The V8-based models that followed the 5000 GT are presented in a separate chapter that groups then into the road cars that went into production and those that remained as design concepts.