Road Racing Specials


Jim Sitz Art Eastman

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Now a distant memory, the road racing special added a unique flavor to motorsport. During 1992-93, Vintage Motorsport magazine published a 10-part series in honor of the bygone era. Featuring the superb efforts of the late Dean Batchelor and Pete Lyons, the Road Racing Specials series was the product of more than 100 contributors with automotive racing historian extraordinaire Jim Sitz as its chief scrutineer. Considering the professional and authoritative qualifications of its creators, the Road Racing Specials series is a reliable reference resource. Unfortunately, several issues of the 10-part series were soon sold out. Because these issues are no longer available and to provide the added convenience of compiling and indexing the complete series, Vintage Motorsport is proud to announce the Road Racing Specials book. The 264-page, hardback book is thoroughly indexed with a commentary section of follow-up letters offering additional information.