Three Points of Contact


Jeffrey R. Zwart

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“Three Points of Contact is a dramatic series of portraits that reveal how the world’s greatest drivers use their eyes, hands, and feet to control their cars, outpace their rivals, and become champions.
Renowned director and photographer Jeff Zwart (author of the award-winning Porsche Rennsport) created these images at The Race of Champions, held in Paris and London, where top drivers from Formula One, the World Rally Championship, NASCAR, X-Games, and other series compete directly against each other driving identical cars.
Each driver is revealed in amazingly vivid detail, from seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher to reigning NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson. Zwart’s meticulously produced portraits focus on the eyes, hands, and feet—the three points of contact that every driver employs. The book’s large 13-inch by 11-inch format and high-quality printing bring out all of the nuances of Zwart’s close-up, specially de-saturated color photography.
Each copy is signed by the author and individually numbered.