The Immortal 2.9 Alfa Romeo


Simon Moore

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The Revised Edition of The Immortal 2.9 is finally here! A new edition of this classic motoring book has been anxiously awaited by automotive enthusiasts for many years. First published in 1986, the original edition became an instant classic and established Simon Moore as the world’s foremost authority on the history of Alfa Romeo’s famous pre-war eight-cylinder cars.

Only 2,500 copies of the first edition were printed and the book has not
been available for twenty years. It became a true collectors’ item and
copies have recently been trading for more than $1,000.

The Immortal 2.9 was hailed as a milestone of automotive literature
because it broke new ground by relating the history of individual
automobiles and their owners. The Society of Automotive Historians
awarded the book its Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award as the best
automotive book of 1986. The book frequently appears on
commentators’ lists of the best automotive books ever published.

Simon’s research into the history of the 2.9 cars did not stop upon publication of the first edition. His detective work has continued unabated and the history of these fabled cars continues to unfold. Cars thought to have been lost forever have resurfaced; more of the cars were restored and reappeared in public; some of the historical assumptions in the first edition proved to be inaccurate or incomplete; gaps in the historical record of many cars were filled; and hundreds of “new” historic photos were found. Perhaps most important, the stature of the Alfa Romeo 8C2900 as an icon in the history of the automobile has continued to grow.